Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fabric Flowers

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post about this so I can remember it. ;)

In mid January Jennifer McGuire sent out a tweet on Twitter asking if any Hero Arts fans did sewing. I was one of the responders who said yes and a few days later received an email inviting me to make a bunch of fabric flowers. There was a time crush. We had a 2 week window in which to get them done and in the hands of Hero Arts. I really wanted to help out but also had my son's upcoming birthday party to plan (not to mention our home school to teach and a husband and 4 kids to attend to). So I did what anyone in my situation would do. I called Mom! :) I figured if we worked together we could probably get 100 flowers made. She was already planning on coming up for a few days the following weekend for a visit so it worked out well. I did all the prep work earlier in the week - ironing, stamping, cutting - and we worked like crazy to get them done during the 2 days she was here. In the end we had enough supplies to make 150!! It was so much fun to work on these adorable flowers with my Mom! Thanks Mom for agreeing to do this with me and thanks to Hero Arts for letting me give back in a small way (and spoiling me once again). ;) If you were at CHA and happened to get a purple flower with little white dots or a light blue flower with a large dark blue pattern I'd love to know. :) Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of us working on them. :( So... I'm hijacking some of the pictures Hero Arts posted on their facebook page. :)

Here's Sally, the original fabric flower designer! The 2nd and 4th flowers she wearing are ones my Mom and I made. :)

So fun to see everyone's flowers all piled up  together.

Wonderful group of ladies (and Aaron) sporting fabric flowers.

I was totally surprised when Hero Arts posted a little Thank You message on their blog today. So sweet of them!

What can say. I *heart* Hero Arts. :)
Hope everyone is staying warm (or cool depending on where you live) today.


Nancy said...

You and your mom have such a wonderful giving spirit, Sarah, and your flowers were so perfectly done too! It was a thrill to see so many people wearing the Hero Arts flower pins...your work was quite a hit!
thanks for being you...and thank your mom for me too!
bless you~

Linda said...

I am so sorry that somehow I missed this posting asking for anyone who could sew and would make some. I would love to have participated. I don't do Twitter, so that's how I missed it. These are beautiful.

Linda D.

Lin said...

Great post, Sarah - loved your story!!

Barb said...

Love that you and your sweet mom made the flowers together, Sarah! They are all so beautiful!

Joy said...

Mum's are just the best, always coming to our rescue. I loved that you shared this Sarah and I am sure that whoever received one of your beautiful flowers is totally delighted, hugs!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sarah. I had a great time making the flowers with you. I have to agree that Hero Arts is the best! I would also like to thank my little helper Chris who patiently pulled fiberfill apart so that I could stuff all those flowers.Mom

dustypenny (Joy) said...

That's awesome, Sarah. Are you taking orders? :)

Suzanne C said...

Wonderful flowers and so wonderful of you and your mom! They are all gorgeous!

Wendy said...

The store I worked at on Saturday had a few of those flowers. They were SO pretty, such a great idea. I even bought some of the stamps, not sure if I'm going to use them to sew, but I'll get them inky for sure!

Angela said...

What a great story, Sarah! Thanks for sharing. Love that you did this together with your mom. Aren't moms the best :) And, seriously, how exciting to see those little beauties in pictures and video from CHA. That really is just SO cool!